What is “wannacry” virus?

WannaCry is just the latest ransomware program that targets Microsoft’s Windows. Ransomware is more like a cyber-attack than a virus. Its where hackers can take control of your computer, and stop you from using it or accessing your files until you pay a ransom to the hackers. They encrypt all of your files and If you don’t pay, they can even delete everything or at least block you from ever accessing your files again.

Stay Safe:

  • If you are using Windows XP or Vista you need to upgrade immediately.
  • Make sure you have up to date and good anti virus
  • Make sure you have an adequate backup solution
  • Finally, stay vigilant and think before you click. These attacks are spread by email usually and all it takes is one click!!!

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Steps on how to avoid Ransomware like wannacry

1. Backup your computer immediately

Invest in a good high quality external hard drive and make regular backups.

Alternatively, you can subscribe to a cloud backup service like Google Drive, Dropbox or HubiC. Most of these services offer free storage to get you going

2. Patch windows now!

This latest ransomware attack was first identified by the NSA in the US. Unfortunately, like everything in the US it was leaked and is now being used to cause havoc by the  hackers behind Wanna Cry Ransomware.

Microsoft released a fix for this vulnerability. Find out more here

3. Keep your system up to date

This one is simple… Make sure you are using the latest version of Windows.

4. Think before you click

This type of attack is usually spread by email.. Don’t click on any email if you don’t recognise the sender.

Beware of dodgy websites.. Sites that provide free music, movies, tv shows etc torrent sites and illegal streaming site

5. Use Firewall

Make sure your firewall is enabled.. nothing more to say here!!

6. Don’t pay

Paying the ransom does not get your files back.. giving in to these attackers just provides them with an arsenal to come back again and again with more advanced attacks.

Backups are the way to go so do your backups now!

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