[block_title style=”column_title” title=”Reinstall Laptop”][/block_title][list icon=”steadysets-icon-checkbox-checked”][list_item title=”24 hours service”][list_item title=”All the latest drivers”][list_item title=”All the latest Windows updates installed”][list_item title=”FREE collect and return service”][/list][button title=”Contact Us Now” link=”/contact-us/” icon=”steadysets-icon-settings”]


[block_title style=”column_title” title=”Hard Disk Upgrades”][/block_title][list icon=”steadysets-icon-checkbox-checked”][list_item title=”24 hours service”][list_item title=”High spec replacement drive”][list_item title=”SSD options available”][list_item title=”24 Hour Service”][/list][button title=”Contact Us Now” link=”/contact-us/” icon=”steadysets-icon-settings”]


[block_title style=”column_title” title=”Screen Repair”][/block_title][list icon=”steadysets-icon-checkbox-checked”][list_item title=”24 / 48 Hour Service”][list_item title=”High Spec Replacements”][list_item title=”All Screens Gauaranteed”][list_item title=”All Makes & Models Repaired”][/list][button title=”Comtact Us Now” link=”/contact-us/” icon=”steadysets-icon-settings”]

Laptop / Pc Repair

Slow & Freezing | Not Booting up | Damaged Screens | Hard Disk Replacement & Upgrades | Windows Install & Upgrades | Replacement Chargers | Replacement Power sockets | Replacement Fans | Replacement USB Ports

Virus Prevention & Removal

Unwanted Pop-Ups | Locked Screens | Error Messages | Trojan & Malware Removal | Speed up slow machines | Backup & recover infected files

Remote Support

Online diagnosis | Repair minor issues with no need for a call out | Remotely upgrade software | Remove malware & viruses | Training


Damaged data points | New data/phone points | Cabling | WiFi installation | WiFi extension

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